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Boiler water pressure test


water pressure testBoiler water pressure test uses the water as medium, inspecting tightness and compressive strength of boiler pressure parts can be realized by utilizing pressure that is higher than boiler working pressure to test pressure parts of boiler.As we all know, water is a liquid and it has characteristics of small compressibility, equal pressure will be transferred to all directions when water is under pressure and applied to all pressure components uniformly.If there is small pores in a certain part of pressure component, water leakage will occur, if the strength of this pressure component is not enough, deformation and damage will occur. Appropriate measures should be taken to deal with defective position and property found according to the water pressure test, so as to eliminate hidden dangers in the operation.

What’s more,except for newly-manufactured boiler, water pressure test should also be performed including newly-installed boiler, boiler main components which has been seriously repaired and modified, boiler which has been operated for more than 6 years, boiler which is out of service more than 1 year and need to returns to service.

Water pressure test is carried out by HTS in order to ensure boiler with a reliable tightness and strength, any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us!