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Micro magnet yoke flaw detector

Micro magnet yoke flaw detectorMicro magnet yoke flaw detector is a micro magnetic particle flaw detector used for the workpiece made of ferromagnetic material by using magnetic yoke magnetization, it magnetizes a variety of parts, surface or sub surface flaw caused by forging, quenching, welding and fatigue are available to detect, as well as a variety of workpiece internal defects (cracks, loose, porosity, inclusion) detection, localization, assessment and diagnosis. It can be used in the laboratory, also can be used in engineering field.

Magnetic particle detecting is a nondestructive detection method that utilize magnetic particle defect magnetic particle accumulation in the leakage magnetic field near the defects to detect the surface of material with magnetic property or the surface near defects. The workpiece made of steel and other magnetic materials will be magnetized, utilizing the characteristics that the leakage magnetic can adsorb the magnetic particle of defect parts, the defects of the detected parts will be displayed, hence the location and size of the defects can be judged according to the distribution and the shape of the magnet particles.

Magnetic particle inspection method is applicable to the inspection of the tiny cracks on the surface or the defects that are not very deep.This method is simple and it can display the defect intuitively.