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Ultrasonic flaw detector

ultrasonic flaw detectorUltrasonic flaw detection technology is a modern application technology that is widely used in boiler and pressure vessel inspection, the fluctuation presented through the system can inspect the boiler pressure vessels effectively, hence it can determine whether the boiler pressure vessel is accorded with the practice of production application standard.

Ultrasonic flaw detector is a portable industrial nondestructive testing instrument, it can detect, position, evaluate and diagnose a variety of workpiece defects (cracks, loose, air hole, inclusion) in a fast, convenient, non-invasive, accurate way.It is not only used in laboratories, but also used in engineering field.

Ultrasonic wave has many wave type in a medium propagation, most commonly used waves are longitudinal wave, horizontal wave, surface wave and plate wave.With longitudinal wave, inclusion, cracks, shrinkage, flakes, delamination and other defects exist in metal casting, blank, medium thick plate, large forgings and relatively simple shape parts can be detected; with horizontal wave, circumferential and axial cracks, scratches, air hole, slag, incomplete welding and other defects can be detected; surface waves can defect surface defects of simple shape castings; plate wave can detect defects in thin plates.

As a whole, Ultrasonic testing can ensure the stability of the boiler fillet weld quality, from this point of view, ultrasonic testing method is successful.