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Frequency conversion gas-insulated portable X ray flaw detector

x ray flaw detectorThe principle of X ray flaw detection machine is a nondestructive testing method to utilize X rays to penetrate the material and attenuation characteristic in the material to find the flaw. X ray flaw detector can detect the internal defects of the products made of metal and non-metal materials, such as air hole, weld slag, incomplete welding and other volume defects of the welding line, hence it can evaluate the quality of product.

Concerning the oil/gas boiler, the rear tube sheet and shell body horizontal and longitudinal butt welding lines are required 100% X-ray radiographic inspection. By using the method of single paster and multiple section exposure, circumferential crack detection of circular seam can be realized, which can improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost greatly.
Functional characteristics
1. Small X ray volume, SF6 gas insulation, fan forced cooling.x ray flaw detector
2. Light weight, easy carrying, simple operation, novel design.
3. High degree of automation, fault can be displayed.
4. Strong anti-interference ability of hardware and software.
5. 1:1 Work and rest mode to ensure the life of the machine.
6. Advanced technology, reasonable layout.