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Boiler Welding Upender

Boiler welding upender is mainly for boiler industry for the purpose of whole boiler body turning to achieve optimal welding position so as to enhance the welding quality. The upender mechanism is driven by hydraulic pressure with enough power, the hydraulic system adopts the domestic well-known brand, it has the advantages of advanced technology, reliable quality, simple operation.

1. The boiler welding upender is composed of flip platform, escalator, hydraulic system, column, rotating support, electrical parts and so on.
2. The turnover platform is welded by profile steel, welding stress will be eliminated after welding with vibration, which makes the structure solid and reliable. The platform design adopts a semi enclosed type structure,platform internal part is designed with a V shaped frame structure, it is not only convenient for workpiece one-time positioning, but also increase the stability of the platform.
3. Operation platform is prepared above the turnover platform, when the workpiece is turned over to the vertical position, welding can be proceed after operator climbs to the platform. A safety barrier is provided to protect the operator safety.
4. Turnover shafts made of 45# steel are installed on both sides of the platform, with the processing of heat treatment, the stability of shaft is highly ensured.
5. The whole turnover shaft is inlaid on the side frame of the platform, the side frame is processed by a numerical control gantry milling machine to ensure the coaxiality of the two groups of shaft holes.
6. Boiler welding upender is a basic requirement to ensure stability of the boiler, in order to facilitate the operation, the height should be reduced as much as possible, hence the base of the welding upender should be placed below the ground.