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Cross-welding Manipulator

Cross-welding manipulator is a assembly of welding roller frame and welding positioner. It is a special automatic welding equipment for inner and outer ring seam, fillet weld, inner and outer longitudinal seam of of the component. Stationary type, rotary type, full position type and other structural forms are available. Swing, monitoring, flux recovery delivery and other auxiliary functions are optional as per customers’ requirements.

1. Beams and columns are welded by high quality steel with unique cross section design, high strength, light weight and good stability.
2. The beam is equipped with automatic anti falling device to prevent the sudden decline of the beam and ensures the safety of welding operator and equipment.
3. The beam lifting, telescopic, trolley walking and column electric rotation adopt AC motor imported frequency converter with stepless speed regulation,the advantages are constant torque output, stable speed, quick start-up and shut-down, no vibration, pre-set parameters.
4. The column rotation is divided into electric type and manual type , using high-precision rotary support, electromotion with high-precision rotary gear, flexible rotation, low degree interference under the arm, meanwhile, it can be manually or pneumatically locked, which is safe and reliable.
5. The trolley is divided into electric type and manual type. Electric type is suitable for medium, heavy and mobile manipulator with large range of movement,it adopts standard track as a walking track, coupled with a braking device, it has the advantages of reliable locking, convenient and flexible operation. In addition, the manual type is suitable for light and mobile manipulator with small range of movement.
6. The local and remote control method comprise machine head control box and manual control box, which is flexible and convenient in operation, a linkage interface is provided to realize the synchronous linkage operation with positioner, turning roller frame and circular rotary work platform.