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Hypertherms gantry CNC plasma cutting machine

This gantry CNC plasma cutting machine adopts hypertherms plasma cutter which is mainly used for cutting 0-30mm carbon steel,stainless steel, iron, copper aluminum or galvanize plate, automatic and scaled blanking can be achieved. In addition, it adopts dual-side driving units so as to enhance the cutting quality.

1. It is characterized of high automation and efficiency, easy operation and longer service time
2. Cutter head is coupled with cooling system, which can quickly cool material surface to avoid burr and residue.
3. The rotary head is driven by a DC motor or AC frequency conversion motor, it has the advantages of stable operation and uniform&beautiful welding line.
4. The lathe bed adopts horizontal structure, which is made of welded structure parts after annealing and precise processing, non-deformation of lathe bed can be ensured.
5. High Quality cut performance, Fast cutting speed, high precision and low cost, cutting incision is thin and tidy to avoid the second processing.
6. Plasma cutter is used for cutting steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, white steel plate, titanium plates and other sheet metals are available to cut.