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Welding lifting platform

Welding lifting platform is widely used in workshop flow line, ideal welding position can be obtained through the cantilever platform lifting, so as to ensure the welding quality and precise working position butt joint.

Couple with turning rolls frame and positioner to support the use of welding platform, which can effectively enhance the lifting speed and welding quality, it can operate singly without any other equipment collocation to complete the accurate work, meanwhile, it is able to lift objects from the ground and connected with the platform smoothly, hence it ensures the operation can be proceed steadily and freely.
Welding lifting platform can be operated easily, freely and smoothly. Due to its strong adaptability, the platform can be placed in a variety of ways.It can be placed in the pit, after the completion of the work,the operation platform can be placed in the same level with the ground, which does not occupy too much ground space. A number of security settings are also provided, which can effectively enhance the safety of use. In addition, welding operation platform, welding lifts and lifting welding positioner have their own advantages, they can be used in different places to meet the different needs of manufacturers.