Biomass Pellets Fired Boiler

Short Description:

Capacity : 1Ton/h, 2Ton/h, 4Ton/h, 6Ton/h

Pressure:1.0Mpa, 1.25Mpa, 1.6Mpa

Temperature: 184-226℃

Fuel: Direct burning fuel such as straw and rice husk, mixed fuel of formed biomass and biomass

Application fields: thermal power company, textile factory, clothing factory, chemical factory, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, paper factory, brewery, washing factory, etc.


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DZL series biomass horizontal three return water fire tube chain grate boiler is a fast installation boiler.

The boiler body is arranged longitudinally in a single drum, and a threaded pyrotechnic pipe is arranged in the drum to form a convection heating surface, and the drum and the water walls on both sides form a furnace radiation heating surface.

 The combustion equipment adopts light chain grate; the whole quick installation form leaves the factory.

The electric control realizes the stepless speed regulation, limit parameter alarm and interlock protection.

Biomass Pellets Fired Hot Water Boiler Main Models

Model Rated thermal power
Rated working pressure(Mpa)  Rated outlet water temperature(℃) Rated inlet water temperature(℃)
DZL1.4-0.7/95-70-AII 1.4 0.7 95 70
DZL2.8-0.7/95-70-AII 2.8 0.7 95 70
DZL4.2-1.0/115-70-AII 4.2 1.0 115 70

Biomass Pellets Fired Steam  Boiler Main Models

Model Rated Evaporation Capacity (t/h) Working Pressure
Rated steam temperature(℃) Thermal efficiencye
DZL1-1.0-SCII 2 1.0 184 ≥84
DZL2-1.25-SCII 2 1.25 194 ≥84
DZL4-1.25-SCII 4 1.25 194 ≥84
DZL6-1.25-SCII 6 1.25 194 ≥84
DZL6-1.6-SCII 6 1.6 204 ≥84

Main Features:

1.An arch tube plate and a spirally corrugated tube are used to form a pot cylinder, which changes from a quasi-rigid body to a quasi-elastic body structure.

2.The lower part of the pot barrel is equipped with the ascending pipe row, which eliminates the dead water area at the bottom of the pot barrel, making the sludge less easy to deposit. The high temperature area of the pot barrel can be well cooled, preventing overfiring bulge the bottom of the the drum.

3. Under the action of centrifugal force, the dust particles in the flue gas are separated and settled on the grate surface.

4. Using high-efficiency heat transfer screw pipe, the effect of heat transfer enhancement was obtained. At the same time, the flue gas has the function of high-speed disturbance in the pipe.

5. The two sides of the boiler are equipped with secondary air, which can effectively organize the volatile part of the fuel to mix with the air, promote the full combustion of the volatile part in the furnace, and improve the fuel burnout efficiency.

6. The boiler adopts the structure of header, which is located on both sides of the grate and is directly in contact with the burning material layer. As the main heat-absorbing surface at the bottom of the furnace, the purpose is to absorb some heat, adjust the temperature of the fuel layer, prevent coking, and cool the coking slag, which is not bonded to the side wall.

7. Compact structure, compared with the same type of boiler, small size, saving boiler room infrastructure investment.

8.Runs steadily and convenient adjustment.

9. The high efficiency and energy saving furnace arch of heat resistant concrete is adopted in the furnace, which improves the fuel ignition condition, adopts independent air chamber, achieves reasonable air distribution, and forms an air power field favorable to combustion in the furnace, thus enlarging the adaptability of fuel.

10. The smoke window at the outlet of the boiler arch has a certain dedusting effect.





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