Problems in the Operation of Huatai Chain Grate Boilers

1. Small Grate Capacity

Traditional chain grate boilers mainly have the following methods: chain belt type, with a capacity of 0.5 -10 t/h; reciprocating grate, including two methods of horizontal push and oblique push, with a capacity of 1-10 t /h; scale type, the capacity is between 6.5-35 t/h.
Due to the problem of emissions, the development of vibrating grate, thrower grate, lower-feed combustion equipment, and turning grate has not been developed, and the application form of chain grate boilers is relatively simple.
2. Outdated Structure of the Grate
As my country has fewer test bases for chain grate boilers, there is a lack of special process equipment. Most of the casting of grate pieces comes from small factories outsourcing, using manual manufacturing methods, and the smelting equipment is extremely simple.
Therefore, during the operation of the chain grate boiler, there are many quality problems, such as uneven air distribution, deviation or fracture of the grate, and loose sealing, which have a serious impact on the combustion efficiency, thereby reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
3. Incompatibility Between the Combustion Coal and the Chain Grate Boiler
my country’s coal-fired chain grate boilers use raw coal that has not been screened, including many pulverized coal with a particle size of less than 3mm, and large lump coal with a particle size of greater than 25mm or even 40mm also accounts for a certain proportion.
In some areas, there are coal types with low calorific value, low ash melting point and low volatile content; in the case of tight coal supply, the quality of many selected coals is unstable, and chain grate boilers run well and sometimes badly.

Post time: Sep-08-2021

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