YY(Q)W horizontal oil / gas organic heat transfer material heater

Short Description:

Capacity: 700-14000KW

Working pressure: 320℃

Operating temperature: 0.8-1Mpa

Applicable fuels: natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, heavy oil, diesel oil, light oil, etc

Application Industry: petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, pharmacy, textile printing and dyeing, building materials, wood processing, vegetable oil processing and other industries.




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YY(Q)W horizontal oil / gas organic heat transfer material heater is a new type of heat supply equipment, which uses oil and gas as heat source, heat transfer oil as carrier to force heat carrier phase circulation through circulation pump, and then heat is transmitted to the heat using equipment and then returned to the furnace for new heating. The heating surface is compact in structure. The heating surface is composed of inner, middle and outer (or inner and outer) tightly arranged disc tubes. The inner disc tube is the radiation heating surface, the outer surface of the inner disc tube form the convection heating surface.

The fuel of YY(Q)W horizontal oil / gas organic heat transfer material heater is burned in the combustion chamber composed of inner disc and tube. After most heat is absorbed by the radiation heating surface, the high-temperature flue gas enters the convection heating surface and exchanges heat. After the flue gas is discharged from the boiler, the air required for combustion of the boiler is heated in the air preheater, and then discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.

Application industries: chemical light industry, petrochemical industry, grease decomposition, plastic rubber, leather industry, textile printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, painting and painting, wood processing, building materials, cement processing, carbon industry, road transportation, asphalt heating, pharmaceutical industry, atomic energy industry, metal processing, food industry, feed processing and other industries.

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  • (1) High temperature and low pressure of conduction oil furnace; accurate temperature control and high utilization rate of heat energy;

    (2) The heating surface adopts the compact disc tube, and the heating surface is arranged sufficiently to reduce the heat load on the surface of the tube, so as to make the use of the heat transfer oil safer;

    (3) The diameter and length of the radiation disk are adaptation with the flame of the burner, so as to ensure the reliable operation and adequate cooling of the disk and tube;

    (4) The boiler structure is compact, which greatly saves the floor area of the boiler room;

    (5) Air preheater is set at the tail of boiler to improve boiler efficiency;

    (6) The heating temperature is over 300 ℃, and the general working pressure is below 1MPa, which is safe and reliable.

    Model Rated thermal supply capacity MediumTemperature(℃) Rated work pressure (MPa) Thermal efficiency(%)
    KW ×10⁴kca/h
    YY(Q)W-700Y.Q 700 60 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-1000Y.Q 1000 80 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-1200Y.Q 1200 100 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-1400Y.Q 1400 120 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-1800Y.Q 1800 160 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-2400Y.Q 2400 200 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-2800Y.Q 2800 240 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-3500Y.Q 3500 300 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-4200Y.Q 4200 360 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-4600Y.Q 4600 400 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-6000Y.Q 6000 500 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-7000Y.Q 7000 600 320/290 0.8 ≥95
    YY(Q)W-8200Y.Q 8200 700 320/290 0.8  ≥95
    YY(Q)W-9400Y.Q 9400 800 320/290 1.0  ≥95
    YY(Q)W10500Y.Q 10500 900 320/290 1.0  ≥95
    YY(Q)W12000Y.Q 12000 1000 320/290 1.0  ≥95
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